Our garden is a testament to the importance of accessible greenspaces in our community. Where there was once a landfill now stands a beautiful garden open for guests from around the world, available in our own backyard.

A traditional Japanese garden is not defined by its plants, buildings and water features, but by how they come together in harmony. As the soft pinks of the cherry blossoms thrive alongside the sturdy evergreens, they will be a reminder that there is harmony to be made through differences.

Traditional Japanese gardens do not fight the passage of time, but celebrate the effects of time on nature. They are ever-changing and evolving—designed for longevity and attended to with rigorous intention and discipline. Future generations will benefit from the work we are doing today. This garden is our generation’s gift to our community.

You can be a part of these next phases of our growth. Whether you’re a long-time member or a new supporter, a gift today will help provide the seeds, tools, and support necessary to continue to build the Gardens for future generations.
Make Waterfront Botanical Gardens part of your lasting legacy.