In 2014, Botanica and the Perkins+Will team created the conceptual design of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens. The team studied the site in detail, worked to understand how our site relates to adjacent neighborhoods, and listened to Botanica members and community stakeholders to understand what we hope the gardens will be – all to ensure the best possible Master Plan.


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Phase 1A | Education Leads the Way

The Graeser Family Education Center is the first completed building on the site, and opened in October 2019.

This early phase also includes the educational gardens around the building, the Evergreen Tapestry, a pollinator meadow, and certain pieces of the Gardens’ infrastructure.

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Phase 1B | Outdoor Education Gardens

Phase 1B features the expansion of the plaza and development of the Education Gardens surrounding the Graeser Family Education Center. The gardens will include: the Edible Gardens and Water Wall; Native Gardens; and Pollinator Gardens.

This phase includes the Rounsavall Family Foundation Plaza Fountain and the Beargrass Creek Pathway with a waterfall stream.


Phase 1C | The Garden Expansion

The planned focus of Phase 1C is the development of the Ellen T. Leslie Botanical Classrooms. This 6,000 square foot building will be the center of youth education in Phase 1 and will complement the larger space provided by the Graeser Family Education Center.

Phase 2A | Welcome

The Visitors Center, Entry Garden, and Water Filtration Garden are the primary features planned for Phase 2A.

Phase 2B | The Garden Grows

Phase 2B of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens includes several remaining major outdoor garden areas. In addition to the Children’s Garden and the Planted Trellis, this phase will also create the Palisades Garden, Secret Garden, Sensory Garden, and more.

Phase 3 | Conservatory

The final phase of our Master Plan will include the garden’s Conservatory – what will surely become the crown jewel of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.