Phase 1B features the expansion of the plaza and development of the Education Gardens surrounding the Graeser Family Education Center. The gardens will include: the Edible Gardens and Water Wall; Native Gardens; and Pollinator Gardens.

This phase includes the Rounsavall Family Foundation Plaza Fountain and the Beargrass Creek Pathway with a waterfall stream.


Education Gardens

Education Gardens

Just outside the education center will be a collection of educational gardens. They will include a wide range of plants and other features that directly support our program topics. Imagine attending a workshop about herbs or native plants or attracting pollinators, and just steps away, seeing the real specimens growing.

Edible Gardens

Edible Gardens

Edible Gardens will also be built during this phase of the project. The gardens will be fully accessible to all visitors, and will welcome hands-on learning. They are designed at a variety of levels and defined widths so that students and volunteers can easily reach the gardens and plants.

The series of garden beds in this area will be determined based on educational opportunity as well as by the size of the beds. The Edible Garden area will be set just outside the Education Center, and anchored at the far end by a beautiful water wall that will intrigue visitors and frame outdoor events.

Phase 1 Fundraising Progress

$19,000,000 raised

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