Sponsorship Opportunities


Learning Lab

The Learning Lab classroom will be part of the Ellen T. Leslie Botanical Classrooms, conveniently located off the plaza, adjacent to the Graeser Family Education Center. This classroom will hold up to 40 students at a time and will include a smart TV and recording ability for online classes. It will also include a kitchen and will be connected to the greenhouse for teaching.

Teaching Greenhouse

Part of the Ellen T. Leslie Botanical Classrooms, the Teaching Greenhouse will be connected to the classroom, located directly off the plaza, and will be used for hands-on horticultural learning activities. The greenhouse will be climate controlled and will include running water and a floor drain.

Horticulture Workshop

The Horticulture Workshop will be used for the Horticulture staff, interns and volunteers of WBG. This area will be used for equipment and equipment repair, volunteer training, storage of tools, and will include a break room.


The Courtyard will sit just beyond the classroom and will connect the classroom to the workshop for volunteers, interns and horticulture staff. The courtyard will be 615 sq. ft. adorned with plants and open onto the plaza with access to the Mary Lee Duthie gardens and the Graeser Family Education Center.


The Interior Exhibit Wall will be placed between the Teaching Greenhouse and the Learning Lab, where students can see the WBG Master Plan, as well as historical images of the former landfill. The 72 ft wall will be used for rotating exhibits.

beargrass creek pathway

Beargrass Creek Pathway

The Graeser Family Education Center and surrounding gardens sit up on a hill above Beargrass Creek. The pathway will provide a shaded walk through the Woodland Garden, down to Beargrass Creek. This will be an important connector and will allow students to study flora and fauna alongside the creek.

Waterfall Stream

The Watefrall Stream is the central feature of the Beargrass Creek Pathway. The 25′ waterfall features three levels and a pool at the bottom hosting frogs and turtles. The sounds of the water is a relaxing feature in the urban garden.

Pathway Bridges (3)
$15,000 each

The Beargreass Creek Pathway winds down the hill, and includes three bridges over the waterfall stream. The wooden bridges include a handrail for safety and will have donor signage placed appropriately.

Brick in the Beargrass Creek Pathway
$250 each

This pathway connects the Graeser Family Education Center and gardens down to the Butchertown Greenway and Beargrass Creek.  Each brick may contain 2 lines of 18 characters, including spacing and punctuation.



Education 100

The Education 100 is a group of donors who have committed $10,000 each to support the development of the Gardens. These donors will be permanently recognized on the building through an artistic installation on the columns that surround the Graeser Family Education Center.

Plaza Benches
$10,000 each

Throughout the Education plaza, there will be benches available for visitors to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings. Available in both shade and sun, the benches will be a permanent part of the plaza landscape.

Donor Wall
$5,000 – $20,000

This wall in the Graeser Family Education Center recognizes new donations to the Gardens as of June 1, 2019. Acrylic medallions representing the gift level, in descending size from largest ($20,000) to smallest ($5,000), will create a colorful tribute to those who have given in support of the development of Phase I.

$1,500 each

In the Education Gardens surrounding the Graeser Family Education Center and in the Woodland Gardens, a variety of trees will provide shade and beauty for visitors. The trees will be identified so that students can learn about the trees they are experiencing, and the importance of these trees in the landscape and surrounding environment.




To become a sponsor, please contact Elizabeth Chandler – Development Manager, at echandler@waterfrontgardens.org.

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