There is currently NO cost to visit the Gardens.

No. Emotional-support, comfort, and companion animals are not permitted in any capacity (in a stroller, held-in-arm, on a leash, in a purse, etc). Only ADA-defined service animals are allowed.

Please do not leave any animals in your vehicle while visiting; please return to visit another day leaving your pet at home.

No. We do not allow picnicking at the Gardens.

In general, no.
Based on our facilities, capacity, and plant collection goals, we may consider exceptional plants (i.e. rare species) to add to our collection.
Over-grown houseplants or landscape specimens being dug-up from a property during construction projects are usually not considered exceptional plants at this time.

It depends, though most guests seem to spend between 30-45 minutes.

No, we do not have wheelchairs onsite for guests to use, but we are wheelchair accessible in most areas of the property.

No. At this time we are not part of any admission reciprocity programs.

Not currently. There will eventually be a café in a future phase of the project.

You may ride your bike TO the Gardens, but you must park it using one of the yellow 'U' racks on rails at the entry points. WBG does not provide bike locks.

Also, for the safety of others and to protect our plants, do not walk your bicycle through the Gardens.

No. WBG is a tobacco-free facility in which smoking and chewing tobacco and all forms of vaping are not permitted.

Tobacco products (and the hands of tobacco users) may transmit tobacco mosaic virus which is harmful to certain plants on display in our garden.

Yes! Please refer to our RENTALS page for more info on pricing and availability.

We allow photography on the grounds during visiting hours, but please abide by all other garden etiquette while taking your pictures. No walking or setting up in garden beds, no climbing on sculptures or structures, no blocking pathways, no pets, etc. If you need to change clothes, you may do so in the restroom, but please do not leave any items in there.