The planned focus of Phase 1C is an expansion that will include the Beargrass Creek Overlook, the Woodland Garden along the creek, the promenade’s Tree Allée and Outdoor Space, and three support buildings.

Beargrass Creek Overlook

Beargrass Creek Overlook

The Allée along the pathway to the Beargrass Creek Overlook will be planted with 24 trees. This path will be heavily shaded and beautiful in all seasons.

The Beargrass Creek Overlook will be surrounded by the Exploration Woodlands and will provide up-close views of the tree canopy in the area. Guests will also be treated to glimpses of turtles, herons, and other wildlife gathering along Beargrass Creek.

The three support buildings for this phase will include a classroom, a greenhouse and workshop for volunteers, and equipment storage. These three support buildings will allow us to engage visitors, students and volunteers on a deeper level in terms of working in the gardens, or participating in classes and workshops.


An immersive botanical experience along the gardens’ central promenade, the Allée will be planted with trees to provide shade, and give visitors a beautiful setting to stroll through the gardens and enjoy the surrounding plants and activities.

Phase 1 Fundraising Progress

$16,000,000 raised

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