We’ve selected the Education building to be the first on the garden site, and will be named The Graeser Family Education Center. This early phase will also include the educational gardens around the center, the Evergreen Tapestry, a pollinator meadow, and certain pieces of the garden’s infrastructure. That approach will enable us to make smart, early investments and establish the first piece of the garden in a relatively short time.

Construction is currently underway, with a planned opening in 2019.

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The Graeser Family Education Center

The Graeser Family Education Center

This education center will be the heart of educational programming at the Gardens. The building will include a large, flexible space that can host a range of activities. It will support hands-on programs for schoolchildren and workshops and speakers for adults. It will welcome guests for events such as our annual meeting, fundraisers, and flower shows hosted by local garden clubs.

The space will also be available to rent for weddings and other gatherings, helping generate revenue. In terms of size, we are currently planning on enough space for 250 people seated at round tables of 10 seats each.

The building will be designed to achieve the highest levels of environmentally friendly performance. We are working to find ways to minimize our energy and water footprints. They include designs to maximize use of natural light, solar panels to generate energy, geothermal heating and cooling, and living systems that will process our wastewater.

Pollinator Meadow

Pollinator Meadow

The Pollinator Meadow will be planted during this phase of the project. This seven-acre meadow will have walking paths so that students and visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the world of pollinators. All plants will be native to this area, and have been selected to attract birds, bees, and butterflies.

Founders’ Garden

Founders’ Garden

An unofficial part of Phase 1A, the Founders’ Garden has already been completed at the site of the future Waterfront Botanical Gardens, near Frankfort Avenue and River Road. The Founders’ Garden is situated around the base of the Heigold façade, marking the northern entrance to Frankfort Avenue.

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Phase 1 Fundraising Progress

$16,000,000 raised

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