Phase 3B of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens includes several remaining major outdoor garden areas. In addition to the Children’s Garden and the Planted Trellis, this phase will also create the Palisades Garden, Secret Garden, Sensory Garden, and more.

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Massive seedpod sculptures will be the crown jewel of the Children’s Garden, giving children – and adventurous adults – the chance to climb inside, over and under these stylized seedpods. At night, the seedpods will be illuminated, turning them into iconic lanterns along the River Road. A canopy walk and other activities will provide unique ways to interact with the environment while teaching kids about plants and nature.

Planted Trellis

Planted Trellis

An architectural planted trellis is situated along the central spine in the garden’s design, connecting the Visitors Center to the Tree Allée and Beargrass Creek Overlook. The trellis offers an opportunity to feature unique climbing plants, as well as providing a shady place for visitors to rest.

Phase 2 Fundraising Progress

$6,000,000 raised

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