We are open during Frankfort Avenue re-paving, please be prepared for roadwork when traveling to the Gardens.

Communication Volunteers Needed

As you may already know, Botanica just recently conducted a week-long series of meetings with a consulting firm aimed at helping us push our vision forward. We’re excited about what the future holds for our organization and we are looking forward to seeing a botanical garden and conservatory built in downtown Louisville! We believe that the meetings we just held will be a key element in getting us started in the right direction. 

As we step into the future we realize that, among other things, we need to dramatically increase our web-presence and our communication as a whole. Our plans involve completely revamping the blog, increasing our presence on facebook, twitter, etc. 


We are currently looking for volunteers to help us generate content for a variety of communication outlets. These are the kinds of things we need help developing:

-Original articles, interviews, etc.

-Gardening stories



-Profile of local businesses, nurseries, other gardening organizations/botanical societies, etc.

-News about other gardening events in the area (even with other organizations)

-Links to other news articles, videos, websites, etc. that we can share on our site

-Information about our upcoming events – and re-caps of past events 

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping out with please indicate your interest by emailing me, Dominic Gratto, (Botanica Board Member) at dominicgratto@gmail.com. This does not necessarily have to be a huge time commitment. We’re willing to take whatever help you can give – even if that means you only generate content for us occasionally. If we get enough people involved we can make some real progress!  

Thanks for your interest and your involvement with Botanica!