Horticulture Committee – Spring 2016

Now that spring is upon us, the WBG Horticulture Committee is hard at work selecting plant species for three essential gardens of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens’ first building phase.

The Horticulture Committee formed in late February, bringing together talented and experienced horticulturists, landscapers, hobby gardeners, botanists and academics to discuss an intentional and forward-thinking tree and plant proposal for our gardens. The group is currently working on identifying a variety of native and non-native, ornamental and utilitarian trees for three areas. These include the southern-perimeter Evergreen Tapestry – which faces Interstate 71 – and the gardens surrounding the future Education Pavilion. We’re also planning the Woodland Garden, which serves as the eastern perimeter of the site along Beargrass Creek and will feature large native trees and a beautiful understory of wildflowers and shrubs.

The Horticulture Committee will share its plant selections with the landscape architecture team at Perkins+Will. Our plant and design experts will work closely together to create an aesthetically spectacular and sustainably designed garden and landscape.

If you’d like to give your time and talents to help create Louisville’s botanical garden, sign up to join our growing corp of volunteers.