Look What We Can Do, Louisville

A Chile Pepper Fiesta, a special exhibit "Edible Expeditions" highlighting more than 50 species of tasty plant life from around the globe, and Author's Gardens designed by nationally renowned gardening authors. What do all of these features have in common? They can be found at botanical gardens whose directors will be in Louisville September 23 and 24 to offer their wisdom as Botanica moves forward with its plan for a Botanical Garden in Louisville.  

Thanks to the generosity and support of the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Botanica Board of Directors will soon have the opportunity to confer with six Botanic Garden and Conservatory Directors representing a variety of facilities from coast to coast during its upcoming Summit.

These directors and the facilities they manage are:

Scot Medbury – Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Bruce Harkey – Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden (Columbus, OH)
Roberta Sladky – Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI)
Eric Tschanz – Powell Gardens (Kingsville, MO)
Bob Brackman – San Antonio Botanical Garden
Brent Dennis – San Francisco Botanical Garden and Conservatory of Flowers

Wondering where the above-mentioned offerings are taking place? Check back and find out this and more about these outstanding botanical gardens.

Remember the old Hazel Miller tune “Look What We Can Do, Louisville” espousing civic pride and promoting its potential? Louisville is…the Crusade for Children, Waterfront Park, Kentucky Derby, St James Art Fair and so much more. Why not a Botanical Garden?