Plants are the Strangest People

Here's a GREAT blog you should all follow. It's written by a guy who has 873 house plants! (And I thought my 38 houseplants was a lot!) The blog is called "Plants are the Strangest People" and you should read it!

Here's a copy of the "about me" section from the blog: "Mr_Subjunctive worked at a family-owned greenhouse / garden center in
Iowa City, IA from Aug 2007 to May 2009. He still likes plants,
especially tropical houseplants, and it's pretty obvious by this point
that his interest in them will continue.

Mr_Subjunctive has 873
plants at home (excluding cuttings, seeds, a terrarium, outdoor stuff,
aquarium plants, etc.) as of 6 Nov 2010, which was the last day this
number changed.

Mr_Subjunctive, when not tending plants, likes
to unwind by talking with others about tending plants, visiting other
locations in Eastern Iowa to find plants to tend, writing about the
tending of plants, photographing previously-tended plants, appreciating
plants tended by others, and talking about himself in the third person.
He considers himself well-rounded.

Please note: other "Mr. Subjunctives" do exist on-line. After
quietly resenting this situation for a year and a half, Mr. Subjunctive
has resigned himself to the idea that his internet handle is not
unique, and advises people to be suspicious of anyone calling him/rself
"Mr. Subjunctive" who is not talking about plants, doesn't use
footnotes, and has dodgy spelling or punctuation."