Two of our longtime supporters,Emil and Nancy Graeser, have pledged their help in achieving our $2 million fundraising goal – the final milestone that will enable our purchase of the 23-acre property.

Help meet the $225,000 Matching Gift

Emil and Nancy Graeser are so excited about our recent progress that they once again pledged a $225,000 matching grant to support the gardens. Their pledge will match every gift, dollar for dollar, up to the matching grant total of $225,000. Donate today to have double the impact!


Emil and Nancy Graeser
Emil and Nancy Graeser

About the Graesers’ Pledge

In 2013, Emil and Nancy established the first $225,000 matching grant to encourage others in the community to donate to the gardens. Our supporters helped us meet that goal in just 18 months. This latest pledge brings the Graesers’ total support to $450,000 for the garden effort.

Emil hopes that others in the community will join his support for the project. “We believe that Louisville should have a viable botanical garden that would be available for the education of children, the enjoyment of its citizens, the attraction of visitors and the enhancement of the city,” he said.

Here’s how it works: If an individual makes a $250 donation, that gift will be matched by $250 from the Graesers’ matching grant. Thanks to the match, the total impact of the gift is $500.

If you’ve thought about making a donation to Botanica, there’s no better time than now. It’s a great way to double the impact of your gift – no matter the size.

Gifts above $100 can also participate in our Buy a Brick Campaign.

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