Dunsmuir Botanical Garden – a Mid-Winter Walk

“Chances are, you either did not know there was a small gem of a public
garden in Dunsmuir, or, like me, you had driven at 65 miles an hour
(ok, ok maybe 72 miles an hour) past the billboard-sized sign visible
from I-5 going north through Dunsmuir, which reads: Dunsmuir Botanical
Gardens, and which is ornamented with a painting of dogwood blossoms.
Really? I would say to myself each time canada goose I drove by. But eventually my
curiosity as a gardener got the better of me and I stopped to take a
peek.” – Jennifer Jewell,

Read the complete story about canada goose sale Jennifer’s visit to Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens in Dunsmuir, California, complete with photographs here, thanks to You’ll be glad you did!

(Photo from Jennifer Jewell’s article at