The University of Florida – a Botanical Wonderland

Botanica board member, Dominic Gratto, recently made a trip to his hometown of Gainesville, Florida. While there he stopped in to check on his alma mater – the University of Florida. Touring the campus on bike provided plenty of opportunities to snap photos of the many beautiful sights on the stunning campus – including the area that surrounds Lake Alice.

Not only is Lake Alice teeming with American Alligators, its banks are also home to the Baughman Center and Ficke Gardens. The Baughman Center is a stunning chapel-like structure named for George Baughman and is intended to be “a place of private meditation and public celebration, open to the community.” It was funded in part by a gift from Mr. Baughman. Shortly thereafter Lake Alice got another attraction – Ficke Gardens, which is nestled just south of the Baughman Center. You can learn all about the history of the Baughman Center and Ficke Gardens here.

All of the photos of Dominic’s tour of the University of Florida can be seen here.