Video: The Master Plan

Botanica Master Plan Introduction from Thomas Johns on Vimeo.

The Master Plan for Kentucky’s Waterfront Botanical Gardens has a unique site design that features the right balance of structure and freedom for visitor’s exploration of the gardens. A central spine ties the gardens together, creating a primary pathway that traverses the site – connecting the Visitor Center, passing under an architectural trellis, through a Tree Allee and ultimately ending at a canopy overlook that provides views of Beargrass Creek.

Several pathways spin off the central spine, offering access to different areas of the gardens. This design maximizes the site’s existing tree growth, allowing us to maintain and embellish the canopy around the outside of the site, while preserving a meadow-like environment in the center of the site.

Along the southern edge, an Evergreen Buffer and service road will soften view and sounds from the roadway.